Infusion #1 +2 Days

It’s Thursday, 42 days after The News and 2 days after the first infusion. Apparently the infusion nurses are the one set of medical professionals who are sensitive to the needs of the nocturnal. (Which is a bit odd since they’re also the only ones I’ve met who don’t hide in windowless basement offices all… Continue reading Infusion #1 +2 Days

Infusion Day!

It’s Tuesday, 40 days after The News and the day of the first infusion! I crawled out of bed at 6:30 this morning to make the 8:00 infusion session. This is even worse than the surgeon’s 9:00 appointment in Burlingame, when I needed to wake at 7. I wonder if they’re running some sort of… Continue reading Infusion Day!

Back to School – Infusion teaching Session

It’s Tuesday, 26 days since The News. The people at PAMF have apparently realized that calling me at 7:30 in the morning is causing significant harm. They have instead switched to calling me while I’m taking a shower. Exactly how they know when I’m taking a shower I’m not entirely sure…but maybe there was a… Continue reading Back to School – Infusion teaching Session