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It’s my hope to capture my experiences – both the ups and the downs – with enough detail that it’s useful to those starting on a similar journey, while also providing some entertainment by looking at the lighter side of things. There’s always a bit of humor, even in what may seem the most distressing or exasperating of circumstances.

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Last Time on The M&M Show…

  • 5/22 – Discharged from the hospital! We’re now between surgeries where we learn about life with a (temporary) ileostomy.

The Storyline So Far…

  • Mike has been diagnosed with rectal adenocarcinoma and is getting ready for the third phase of his journey: surgery to excise the remnants of the tumor. This follows 26 fractions of chemo-radiation from February 1 – March 9, and nine cycles of FOLFOX systemic chemotherapy from August 23, 2021 – December 17.
  • The tumor was found during a regular screening colonoscopy and has been staged as T3-N0-M0 (tumor size/localized spread 3, no lymph node metastases, no distant metastases). This equates to Stage IIA, a relatively early stage.
  • The treatment plan is total neoadjuvant therapy (TNT). This involves 16 18 24 18 weeks of systemic chemotherapy with the FOLFOX regimen followed by five six weeks of chemo-radiation, then surgery 6-8 weeks after chemo-radiation is completed. During surgery a temporary ileostomy will be performed to allow the resected rectum to heal. The ileostomy will be undone 2 – 3 months later depending on how healing goes – if all goes well that’ll be just in time for summer fall of 2022.
  • The expectation after treatment is a full “cure” with full function (i.e. no permanent colostomy/ileostomy).
  • The medical oncologist has stated it’s OK to eat at McDonald’s once a week and she’d even write a prescription for it 😀. However she’s advised Mike should avoid alcohol – including wine – during treatment to avoid taxing his liver 😯. (It appears the IRS is still intent on taxing Mike’s liver. Wonder if a doctor’s note would help….)