The M&M Show Premieres!

It’s (still) Tuesday, day 12 After The News. But this is a special post because… The M&M Show Premiers! The M&M Show blog site is live! All of the posts up until this one are recreated from notes, emails, and some drafts I’ve been writing in anticipation of launching the site. Thankfully I acquired “”… Continue reading The M&M Show Premieres!

Planning for The Journey

It’s Sunday, 10 days after The News It’s started off as an exciting day, and for once one not filled with medical, dental, or car service appointments. JT would be coming over for a “project kickoff” meeting. There are a lot of logistics, and that’s one area JT is particularly good at. What’s the best… Continue reading Planning for The Journey

EUS Day; The Mystery of the Surgeon’s Appointment

It’s Friday, 8 days after The News. EUS Day Thankfully I don’t have to do the bowel prep that was necessary for the colonoscopy. For the EUS (technically a “endoscopic ultrasound with flexible sigmoidoscopy”) it’s suppositories. This is my first experience with them, and to spare you the details all I’ll say is that it… Continue reading EUS Day; The Mystery of the Surgeon’s Appointment

Ins & Outs

It’s Thursday, 7 days after The News. Ins & Outs With all the attention being paid to the exit side of my digestive system the intake side apparently felt a bit left out. This morning I woke with pain in one of my molars. From experience (I’ve had four root canals and an implant) it’s… Continue reading Ins & Outs

Your Insurance: No Longer Accepted Here

It’s Wednesday, 6 days after The News. Your Insurance: No Longer Accepted Here I have a grandfathered PPO plan which I originally got in 2009 – pre-ACA. Being in the tech industry with its associated generous income I figured I could handle medical expenses up to the deductible (currently $5,900 – for perspective this is… Continue reading Your Insurance: No Longer Accepted Here