The M&M Show Premieres!

It’s (still) Tuesday, day 12 After The News.

But this is a special post because…

The M&M Show Premiers!

The M&M Show blog site is live! All of the posts up until this one are recreated from notes, emails, and some drafts I’ve been writing in anticipation of launching the site. Thankfully I acquired “” many years ago and was pleased to find “” was still available.

There are a couple reasons I’m doing this.

The obvious one is so that friends, relatives, neighbors, and anyone else who wants to follow along can. As you might guess I don’t feel any particular need to keep aspects of this journey private. I’ll keep the home page updated with a brief status of where I am in the journey. Those of you who want to follow along the gnarly details of the journey can do so in the blogs.

The second reason is for others out there who are facing a cancer diagnosis. There are a lot of challenges and a lot of things I’m learning along the way – like that its ok to ask what you think are silly questions and to double check on appointments and tests whenever they might might appear incorrect. There will be ups and downs, and I’m trying to capture those as best I can so you can walk the path with me. And, as I hope these readers in particular will see, we can approach this journey with a little levity and optimism. That can be contagious and I suspect appreciated by the medical providers you’re be dealing with.

Happy reading fellow traveler!

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