About The M&M Show

Welcome to The M&M Show!

The M&M Show, a sitcom spinoff of The Truman Show, chronicles 50-something modern day vampire (homo sapiens vampirus) Mike Minakami (M&M) from the moment he’s diagnosed with rectal adenocarcinoma. Follow along as he attempts to navigate the sometimes frustrating realm of medical insurance, traverses a world of medical specialists and organizations that have a firm belief you should be awake when the sun rises, and deals with life’s normal set of challenges, all while on a quest to define and treat his disease.

The M&M Show is both intended to allow Mike’s friends and family to follow his journey, as well as to (hopefully) provide some comfort, inspiration, and tips for others who are staring a cancer diagnosis in the face. You’re not alone. And there is every reason to be hopeful.

The blog posts will hopefully capture the journey in detail – more detail than some of you might want 😉. But especially for those going through a cancer diagnosis it may be useful to see what the day-to-day experience could be like from diagnosis (where we are now), through treatment and beyond. Every cancer and every individual is unique, and no doubt every experience will be different, but at core we’re all human. (Well mostly anyway…)

Lights, Camera, Action!

Disclaimer: The M&M Show has no affiliation with The Truman Show, although Mike often wonders why he found that stage light sitting in the middle of his office.